Donate for free

1 internet search = 1p donation

How many times a day do you search the internet? Probably more times than you think! Whether you are shopping online, catching-up with the day’s match results, or simply looking for a picture of a cat wearing a hat, our friends at Savoo will donate 1p to the charity each time.

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not! Make one simple switch to your daily habit and you can support young cancer patients create happy memories each and every day. The search bar is powered by Bing so the results will be similar, if not the same as your current search engine. So what are you waiting for? Change your habits and your homepage today!


STEP 1  Register with the Savoo website (it only takes two ticks) CLICK HERE

STEP 2  Change your habits and your homepage to the Savoo Website Search page powered by Bing

STEP 3  Carry on as normal and each internet search you make they will donate 1p to Josie’s Dragonfly Trust.

What’s more, if you use one of Savoo’s voucher codes when shopping online, we will also receive a donation at no cost to you. Online voucher codes are available at hundreds of retailers from Amazon, TicketMaster and Pets at Home, to Domino’s Pizza,, office supplies, insurance and more!

If you work for a large organisation, school or university, why not suggest the change to your IT department?